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Measuring the performance of a project is a challenge for project managers. As a project progresses, one needs to check if performance is per plan. Most projects prepare a monthly progress report describing progress and issues on a project. Often the report is loaded with raw data with very little analysis and information. To solve this problem, the project needs to identify and use Key Performance Indicators to measure the health of the project.

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are the metrics which indicate the health of the project. One needs to understand the key metrics that are used to measure project performance, clearly define the underlying calculations and standardize their use across cost, schedule, quality, risk and document management. This presentation reviews what a KPI is, how to set up and measure a KPI. The presentation also reviews important KPI’s that should be included in a progress report.

Abhi Basu has over forty years of experience in building design and construction. He has worked on major building programs from conceptual phases to commissioning. Abhi provides expert services in scheduling, project monitoring and audits, and risk analysis. Abhi has an in-depth understanding of the full spectrum of design and construction processes and software and helps set up program management offices.

Over the past ten years, Abhi has also provided comprehensive services for implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions for facilities design, construction, and operations. Abhi has an in depth understanding of the project data structures and flow and provides consulting services for evaluating and adopting new technologies and platforms for all aspects of project controls.

After working successfully in a premier CM organization, Abhi started Basu Technology, Inc. in 1997. He is a PE and member of AACE International.

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Speakers: Abhi Basu, P.E. (Basu Technology)

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