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Schedule specification requirements and schedule reviewer comments are usually well intended, but they may not always be in alignment with the project's best interests. This presentation will focus on the common project requirements and schedule comments contractors receive through baseline development, monthly update processes, and TIAs that if rigidly enforced will actually be a detriment to the quality of project schedule and the success of the project.  This session will review actual anonymized schedule comments and requirements with a commentary from the contractor's perspective on how that will affect the ability to use the schedule as the tool to reflect the plan in the field and how to work together best resolve the issue.

Sean Cain is a Scheduling Executive of Planning and Scheduling at Clark Construction in McLean, VA. Sean has been in the construction management industry for the past twenty-five years, with stints in field accounting, cost engineering and project controls scheduling.  He has had experience working on project sites and home offices for various general contractors as well as an electrical subcontractor on projects ranging from coal fired cogen plants, sports stadiums, healthcare projects, rail projects residential and office buildout, as well as high level government buildings and facilities.

Andrew Harasz is a Senior Manager of Planning and Scheduling at Clark Construction in McLean, VA. Through Andrew's 11 years at Clark his responsibilities have varied from engineering and design, to project management for self-perform operations, to project controls. His project experience varies from federally funded infrastructure mega-projects, Historic Renovations of Government Buildings, to private vertical and horizontal projects for private owners.

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Speakers: Sean Cain (Clark Construction Group)

Andrew Harasz (Clark Construction Group)

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